Friday, August 31, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: What is real for Colin Farrell?

Three films are released nationwide for you this weekend, and one that was released a few days ago that I thought I'd bring to your attention. This week sees a remake of an old film, which although looks sharp from the trailer, seems rather unnecessary considering the film it is. I do hope that I am proved wrong on this front and I'm sure I'll let you know on Monday as I would have thought it is the film I see this weekend. We also have yet another house/box horror story which I'm sure is based on a true story, and then we have a new version of The Hangover. I don't mean for this post to sound negative but all these new films seem to becoming less original by the year. Shame really as I bet there are some great ideas floating around in Hollywood. Anyway let's hope I'm made to eat my foot and that these films actually rock ass. Have a look at the new releases below.

1. Colin Farrell struggles with an identity crisis in the revamped remake TOTAL RECALL. No Arnie and no Mars in this version, where Farrell begins to question who he really is when a trip to an organisation that implant memories in your mind ends up becoming a bloodbath. Also starring: Bokeem Woodbine, Bryan Cranston, & Kate Beckinsale. What is real?

Total Recall trailer

2. Also released is THE POSSESSION. The films based on a true story about a young girl who acquires an antique box, only to open it and unleash a malicious ancient spirit which possess her body. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays her father who desperately tries to remove the demon from her. Also starring: Natasha Calis, Kyra Sedgwick, & Jay Brazeau. Can they unleash the demon?

The Possession trailer

3. The Australian Hangover is our next release in A FEW BEST MEN, where the film is typically what the title is. One of four best friends decides to get married and the other three are given the task of being the best men. From here trouble ensures when everything they seem to do goes wrong. Sounds just like The Hangover to me. Starring: Laura Bent, Xavier Samuel, Kris Marshall, & Kevin Bishop. Are they the worst of the worst?

A Few Best Men trailer

4. Finally is the film released at the beginning of last week, THE WATCH. I felt I should bring this to your attention as it stars Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, and Vince Vaughn as protectors of the world against an alien invasion. Whilst patrolling their neighbourhood as the new found neighbourhood watch they stumble across an alien being and they become the only hope. Also starring: Billy Crudup. Will they protect the neighbourhood?

The Watch trailer

There are your new releases for the week and despite them being slightly unoriginal I'm sure one or two will take your fancy. With low expectations for these releases we could all be surprised and end up coming out seeing one of the better films of the year! Am I being slightly too positive now? I don't know you will have to wait till Monday and read my review on Total Recall, which I've already agreed with the other half that we will be seeing.

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