Thursday, May 31, 2012

NEWS - First trailer for Les Miserables

There was much news released this week in the film world, and most of it seemed to be mentioning the same thing so it was a tough decision with what to inform you of this week. What I have decided to share with you is a trailer for a movie due out next year. I have not read too much about the film, and am unaware of the story to it, but I do know it stars Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway and is directed by Oscar Winner Tom Hooper. Have a look at the trailer at the link below. The film is Les Miserables.

Les Miserables first trailer

So far it gives me the impression that Mr Crowe is a General and Mr Hackman is on the receiving end of his wrath. The trailer also blesses us with a hidden talent of Ms Hathaway's. Who would have guessed she was a pretty good singer?

Like I said I am unaware of what the film really is about but I am sure the all star cast and a top class director will manage to make this a highly anticipated film. It is due in UK cinemas on 11th January 2013.

Final thing, some of this week's news revolved around Iron Man 3. For those of you also excited by this come back in the next few weeks as I'm sure there will be some top news for me to share.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


The Men Who Stare At Goats

Starring: Ewan McGregor, George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges

Running time: 94 minutes

Year: 2009

Directed By: Grant Heslov

Written By: Peter Straughan

This is a review where I don't really know where to start. For those of you that have seen this film will understand why as it is a very strange experience. The film centres round the idea that the U.S Army set up a separate unit that trained soldiers to fight with their minds rather than weapons, in order to make an attempt at peace. This is apparently based on a true story and I have to say it is so unbelievable it may well be true.We begin with Ewan McGregor who plays a journalist who has just split up with his wife. In a way to make himself look like he is over the break he heads to Kuwait in an attempt to report on a big story in neighbouring Iraq. Once there he meets a man whose name came up in an interview he took part in a few months earlier. The interview was with a guy who was part of a new unit within the army that trained to kill things with their minds. This man mentions one guy as the only one to ever do it; this guy is George Clooney, who McGregor meets when in Kuwait.

Clooney agrees to the journalist tagging along with him into Iraq and McGregor heads on to a journey he will never quite be able to explain. Their journey is due to Clooney believing he is on a top secret mission and he begins to tell McGregor about it which ends up in many flashbacks showing how this army unit came about. We see Jeff Bridges become a hippy and force army officers to dance. We also get Kevin Spacey attempting to guess an object inside a hidden box. The whole process of this seems ridiculous and it really pokes fun at the army. The two continue their journey across the Iraq desert, coming across many ludicrous hurdles that only a man who can kill a goat with the power of his mind can jump over. The film generally is told in flashbacks, which shows the rise and fall of two key characters as this new found unit is developed.

The plot sounds crazy and by sure the film is. Much of it is very funny and it mainly comes from people believing they can jump through walls or that simply thinking someone won't shoot you is enough to stop them from doing it - added on after this speech is the line, 'and then you stab them in the neck with a nearby pen,' which completely defeats the purpose of stopping the violence. This however works for this film as this is where the dry humour comes from, the fact that these "Jedi Warriors" as Clooney calls them, believe that they are in fact doing it all with their mind. This is an absolute tribute to the writing as the dialogue is brilliant and the dry humour delivered in ironic one liners really hits the spot.

A problem with the writing though is that there isn't really much of a story to get yourself attached to. The first part of the film is interesting and the middle section involving the mind techniques is funny but the final third becomes a little dull and by this point I didn't really care. The film worked better when it was told in flashbacks which unfortunately meant there was no real story. The initial idea is intriguing but I think, other than the dialogue, the writing really falls flat.

The actors are on top form though. Clooney is brilliant as the best man in his business, and his scene where he stares at a goat is great. Bridges is also at ease and brings humour and a life to his role. Spacey is also on good form despite his short screen time. He is rather menacing here and all because he can't master the mind technique. McGregor drives the story from the beginning and his bewilderment as the story unravels relates to the audiences reaction.

The film is a little disappointing and it is only really the acting and dialogue that can gain positive reports. Some of the lines for Clooney had me in stitches and the entire bizarreness will have you baffled, however it doesn't help the film really being a disappointment. Some of it is enjoyable and I wish that it would have been better.

2 / 5

Next film to review: 12 ROUNDS

QUESTION: What is the best Will Smith movie?

Will Smith hit the screens this week in Men In Black III for the first time in 3 and a half years. Has his presence been missed? I think so. We miss some good old Will Smith heroism and humour. Due to him hitting the screens again I want to know what you think his best film has been so far. Again I will give you 5 below but please feel free to add more. What is Will Smith's best film?

1. ENEMY OF THE STATE - Smith stars alongside Gene Hackman in a film based around conspiracy theories. He plays a lawyer wrongfully accused of copying a video tape showing the murder of the Governor.

2. I AM LEGEND - Being left as the sole survivor of a zombiefied epidemic, Smith inhabits New York in a hunt to find a cure for humanity, however he is also being stalked by the only other people in New York, zombies.

3. MEN IN BLACK - Smith partners Tommy Lee Jones as secret government agents who deal with extraterrestrial activity on Earth. They have their work cut out on Smith's first case which involves a bug like alien.

4. SEVEN POUNDS - After being involved in an accident Smith promises to aid seven strangers who are struggling with life, however his plan begins to suffer when he falls in love.

5. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - Based on a true story, Smith plays a man who went from living on the streets with his child to becoming one of the richest and best stock brokers the country has ever seen.

There are 5 of his films that have been hits but there are many others that could be up there. Let us know you're favourite regardless of if it is in the list or not.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

FLOOD movie review


Starring: Robert Carlyle, Jessalyn Gilsig, Tom Courtenay, Joanne Whalley

Running time: 110 minutes

Year: 2007

Directed By: Tony Mitchell

Written By: Justin Bodle & Matthew Cope

Flood seems to be the British version of a disaster movie. Lately we have seen movies such as The Day After Tomorrow, 2012 and to an extent Twister set themes of destruction to our screens, all as well have failed to live up to their giant budgets and huge use of special effects. Like I said Flood is the British version of these sorts of films but unfortunately it is placed back in the Hollywood category as it is full of special effects and fails to really add anything new to what we have already seen.

The title of the film makes it obvious what it is about. It begins with a storm surge wiping out a small town called Wick in the North of Scotland. The Met Office begin to investigate this event and a local professor, Leonard Morrison (Courtenay), discovers that the storm is heading South and will hit the Thames Barrier at the same time as high tide, causing mass volumes of water to flood into central London. The Deputy Prime Minister must come to a decision of how to act and is helped by the evacuation leader who is more concerned about the safety of her children then her job to protect the millions that inhabit London. Robert Carlyle plays Leonard's son Rob, who is an engineer on the Thames Barrier and manages to escape from it with his ex-wife Sam (Gilsig) moments after the storm hits, leaving them both to swim through London in search of safety. On their journey they come across other survivors who are in search for safety in the London Underground. As the Government attempt to purge the water from the capital, they must decide whether or not it is worth risking millions more lives in order to do so.

Like I said the film is nothing original and it is something we have all seen before in the Hollywood films just with different landmarks being destroyed. The characters in the film never really seem bothered by the fact that London is being hit with gallons and gallons of water, and there is little urgency in the attempt to rescue it. What we have are characters who are being read aloud from a script, and ones that would never act in the way they do in the film. The acting in it is very poor and people expect better from a man who once played a Bond villain. Carlyle brings nothing to the role despite his high profile, and if anything seems to be uninterested in his role. Makes you wonder why he even signed up for it in the first place. Tom Courtenay however is even worse. He talks ridiculously slow for no reason what so ever and his sudden flush of knowledge is really unrealistic. The only one good bit of acting comes from a man who is sweeping Hollywood at the minute, Tom Hardy. Here he has a very small role but manages to steal the show in the small number of scenes he appears in. He shows just why he is such a sought after actor at present.

From what I have read this film is also a miniseries that is fleshed out for that sake and cut in order to gain a minimal theatrical release. This is very noticeable as you watch the film as several scenes seem cut short and lack any tension. One scene, which sees a group rushing through a pipe as it fills with water, is cut short when it could have given us some high tension as many of the main actors were in that pipe. Many of the action scenes were cut short and most of the talking scenes discussing why the storm is hit are far too long. The pacing of the film is all over the place and that can only be down to the writing.

The characters seem to have back stories attempting to break through but none of them ever really do. Again this could be because of the fact that it is really a miniseries that has been pushed together. If the characters were fleshed out more then they may have more connection with the audience. The camera work and direction of the film is also very television like and isn't suitable for a film, which again makes you wonder why it was ever considered for a cinematic release.

The film is poor but I did started off enjoying it and slowly lost interest half way through. A fleshed out miniseries would have really worked for this as it is interesting seeing London engulfed in water, and as to how we would react. As a film this did not work despite the strong cast, the interesting idea, and the special effects, which at times are the only good thing in this film. At least something good came out of it and that is the brilliant Tom Hardy's flourishing career.

1.5 / 5

Next film to review: THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS 

New on DVD this week: Chronicle

We have 3 films hitting shelves this week in order for you to buy or rent, with one being the winner of this year's Best Picture Award at the Oscars. Surely that must be one to have a look at. It is released with 2 other big releases this year, check them out below and see if any suit your fancy.

CHRONICLE - Three teenagers stumble across an alien object and find that it transfers powers over to them in order to become super human. The boys use their new found powers to cause pranks on others but slowly they begin to take over their mind set and a darkness slowly sets in as their powers become too much for them.

Chronicle trailer

JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND - The Rock stars in this fantasy tale of a boy and his step dad in search of his long lost Grandad takes us to a mystical island that inhabits giant lizards and beautiful terrain. Once they find his Grandfather however they must escape this island before they are trapped there forever.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island trailer

Highly Recommended
THE ARTIST - This year's big winner at the Oscars is the silent story of a silent movie star who begins to fall into self destruction when a new era with talkie films is produced. He manages to find solace in a new love, who ironically is the new found star of the new talking films.

The Artist trailer

Monday, May 28, 2012

MEN IN BLACK III - A talking pug short of a Men In Black film.

This week saw us head out to the cinema, despite the gorgeous weather, to watch Men In Black 3. I was a big fan of the first movie which I thought was very original and was perfect for the two leads, who played their roles brilliantly. I will also be honest and state that I didn't think the second instalment was that bad, it wasn't particularly great but it did make me chuckle on several occasions. For these reasons I was very up for watching the latest edition of the franchise and I have to say I ended up feeling rather disappointed.

I wasn't expecting greatness from this film. Most third-instalments to franchises aren't great, and sci-fi comedy versions are never going to break the mould, however with the addition of such great actors as Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson I thought that perhaps this could have been a pleasant surprise, and it only was a surprise in that it really wasn't that great. At the end of the film I left the cinema slightly empty and as if the film was really missing something that made the men in black the men in black. Despite the fact it was starring the two leads from the entire series and the same director it felt like it had been done by people who weren't even involved in the other films.

For starters Tommy Lee Jones seemed tired and uninterested. His character was supposed to be like this but he seemed tired and uninterested playing a tired and uninterested guy. He is also confined to limited screen time and the bro-mance of the first movie is completely amiss because of this. The film also lacks any real comedy like the first, and especially, the second had. The second wasn't a great film but the worm guys, Frank the talking Pug and a dry Agent K made up for that and this third instalment omitted all three of these things. The tone seemed to change and the great opening of the first film, with the fly buzzing along the highway, is now missing and instead we get a lame prison escape. It was missing the quirky feel of the franchise so far and was as if the film was directed by someone different. Even the lighting of the film seemed lighter and less seemed to be done at night which is where most of the first one was set.

Smith was also on autopilot and after three and a half years of not being in a film you thought he may have brought something new to the role, but he didn't. He seemed to be trying far too hard to drive this film as if nothing else was going to do it. Thank goodness for Josh Brolin then, who is the sole reason to watch it. He has nailed the mannerisms of Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K, and you actually believe he is playing a younger version of that character. However again it feels like he doesn't really get enough screen time and he is only really around for the middle segment of the film. Emma Thompson is also the same. She steals the opening scene and then kind of fades into the background. The film is completely about Will Smith and it is entirely noticeable as the great cast they have on show isn't really shown off enough. Even the villain has very little to do, he's also not a patch on Edgar the Bug Guy from the first film.

There are a few moments of the film that are pretty good, and the emotional end to it all does pay off well to the themes of the film, unfortunately though the film is not a stand against the first film and only matches up with the second one. It is very noticeable that there were problems with this film right from when it was green lit, which is why it took ten years to be released, but if it wasn't for a great turn from Josh Brolin this film would have been even worse.

Pros: Josh Brolin as a young Agent K.

Cons: The spark of the first film has long gone and Frank the Pug is sadly missing.

5 / 10

Top 10 films of 2012 so far:

1. The Hunger Games     8 / 10
2. Avengers Assemble     7.5 / 10
3. 21 Jump Street     7.5 / 10
4. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol     7 / 10
5. The Grey     7 / 10
6. American Reunion     6 / 10
7. Safe House     6 / 10
8. The Raven     6 / 10
9. Contraband     6 / 10
10. The Cabin In The Woods     5.5 / 10

Friday, May 25, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Here come the Men In Black.....Again!

This week there are 3 mainstream cinema releases. One is a sequel to a highly regarded franchise which started with a great film and followed with a poor one, hopefully the third one will continue from the first one. The next showcases a good range of acting talent in a film about pregnancy and the different way each sex cope with it, and finally is the film that opened the Cannes Festival, so 3 films that will appeal across the board. Have a look at them below. I have also added the trailers to these in order for you to decide which one you should see.

1. First up is the third instalment of the Men In Black franchise. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back in MEN IN BLACK 3 with time travel being on their agenda. The film continues to see them battle aliens but they meet their match when one manages to time travel and assassinate Agent K, causing Agent J to go back in time and protect his partner before his death. Also starring: Josh Brolin & Jermaine Clement. Want to see some galaxy defending?

Men In Black 3 trailer

2. In the next release men and women from interlocking couples are put to the test in WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING when each couple are pregnant. The film follows each couple as they attempt to prepare themselves for the birth of their new baby and how different sexes react to it. Starring: Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison, J. Todd Smith, & Dennis Quaid. Feeling broody?

What To Expect When You're Expecting trailer

3. Last but not least is Wes Anderson's new film which opened the Cannes Film Festival. MOONRISE KINGDOM is set on a remote island with a happy community which is broken when two in love children runaway together causing the locals, a scout leader and police chief included, to go on a manhunt in search of them before a tropical storm sets in. Starring: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis, & Bill Murray.Join the search?

Moonrise Kingdom trailer

There are your 3 releases of the week. I have noticed Moonrise Kingdom won't be being played at every cinema which is a huge shame but there are enough good looking films out there for you to see. Enjoy your choice.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

NEWS - The Master trailer; Anchorman 2 teaser trailer; Bobby Cannavale joins Woody Allen film.

There are 3 pieces of news that have been quite intriguing this week, two reports are to do with trailers, one being for a film mentioned in last week's news, and the other is casting news for the next Woody Allen project.

First trailer for P.T. Anderson's The Master

Paul Thomas Anderson's next project The Master, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, has released its first theatrical trailer. Anderson's previous movies include There Will Be Blood, Magnolia and Punch, Drunk, Love and his next one seems to be following in the same character driven vein. The film welcomes back Joaquin Phoenix to the acting world and the trailer already shows him on top form. Expect something deep and a character whose journey you will be willing to follow. Look at the trailer below and enjoy the next work from a top director.

                                                         The Master trailer

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues teaser trailer arrives

I'm sure any avid fan will be completely aware of this new trailer but the thing is I have managed to see two different versions of it, leaving me slightly confused. They both leave Brick Tamland looking the dweeb, whilst Ron Burgundy still looks to lead the clan. We also see Brian Fantana sporting a new found beard and Champ Kind being his typical red neck self in his typical cowboy hat. The cast do look much older than the previous film which may take some getting used to but as long as they leave us with as many quotable lines as the first one I'm sure no one will mind. Have a look at it at the link below.

Anchorman 2 teaser trailer

Bobby Cannavale joins Woody Allen film

The final news is casting news for the next Woody Allen project. The news is slightly smaller compared to the ones above as Allen has refused to release any plot details of the film or even a title. Rumour has it that Cannavale, who starred in The Other Guys and The Bone Collector in smaller roles, will be starring alongside Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett. More news on this to follow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

QUESTION - What is the funniest moment in a Sacha Baron Cohen film?

With the new Sacha Baron Cohen film released last weekend, The Dictator, I have been thinking back to his previous three films, Ali G In Da House, Borat and Bruno, to see what is probably the funniest scene he has done within these films. I have thought of 5 below and put them up as options but let us know if there is any others. The question is what do you think is his funniest scene from the above movies?

1. BONDAGE PARTY (BRUNO) - Bruno arrives at a swinging party in an attempt to turn straight, however he finds out the hard way that it is an S&M party and ends up being attacked by his date leaving him to jump from the window.

2. NAKED WRESTLING (BORAT) - Borat and his side kick Azamat have a falling out over the latter masturbating over Borat's love Pamela Anderson. The pair take to wrestling round the bedroom, down the hallway and into a conference, both are stark naked and Borat holds a fisted sex toy!

3. PILOT SHOW (BRUNO) - Bruno shows the television company his brand new talk show which turns out to be highly homosexual and half the time is spent watching his penis swivel around the screen. The producers were as shocked as the audience.

4. POSH PARTY (BORAT) - Borat is invited to a posh dinner party in order to learn manners whilst eating, however he ends up bringing a bag of poo to the table, disrespecting the host's wife, and inviting a prostitute as his date much to the bemusement of the other guests.

5. RACING NOVAS (ALI G IN DA HOUSE) - Ali and his crew attempt to beat their local rivals across town and the two take to their Novas only to abide to all the speed limits and be overtaken by pensioners on motorised scooters. The scene ends with a nice rap from Martin Freeman and Ali G himself.

These are the 5 scenes I find very funny but there are others that have me in hysterics, let me know your favourite in the comments below and see if we all think the same.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New on DVD this week: Haywire

Four movies have been released this week for you to buy or rent on DVD. Each had a mainstream release and each showcase something completely different. We have action, drama, wildlife, and alien life, and we also have some top acting talent on show in Michael Fassbender, Liam Neeson, George Clooney and Emile Hirsch. Have a look at the releases below and see which one you may head out and rent, one of these is still in my top 5 of the year so far.

1. HAYWIRE - A black ops super spy is set up whilst on a routine mission and sets off to gain revenge. Told slightly out of chronological order for added effect, this film boasts a top cast with many of them getting themselves in a tangle.

 Haywire trailer

2. THE GREY - Man battles beast in the wilderness. A plane transporting workers crashes in the Alaskan wilderness and they must battle their way to safe ground whilst being stalked by territorial wolves. Tense, creepy and starring Liam Neeson.

The Grey trailer

3. THE DESCENDANTS - George Clooney's recent Oscar nomination came from his performance in this film where he plays a Father who reunites with his children when their Mother has a potentially fatal accident. Whilst she lays on her death bed he discovers some secrets about his wife that he chases throughout Hawaii.

The Descendants trailer

4. THE DARKEST HOUR - Aliens attack the planet and plan to steal all our energy. Invisible to the naked eye these aliens thrive off of electricity and the light is Emile Hirsch's only opportunity to escape an isolated Moscow.

The Darkest Hour trailer

Monday, May 21, 2012

THE DICTATOR - The Sacha Baron Cohen shock value has worn off!

The Dictator was the choice of film to watch this weekend and having been a big fan of Ali G In Da House and Borat I was really looking forward to it. I know that Baron Cohen is not everyone's cup of tea and his humour is not to everyone's liking, but his films, especially Borat, have been the only films that have caused me to laugh hysterically in the cinema. Due to this I was expecting big things from The Dictator but compared to his previous films this doesn't quite hit the same mark.

The film still has plenty of humour. I was laughing during it just not quite as hard as I was hoping to. One of the problems with this is that they show some of the best bits in the trailers. The scene with General Admiral Aladeen flying in the helicopter talking about the glorious sight of New York City in their language, confusing other passengers believing they are terrorists, is one of the best bits but would have been better if it wasn't put in all the trailers. There were other very funny moments and they include childbirth, masturbation, zip wiring, and made up names which are all fairly original and a lot of fun but other than these few bits the laughs are few and far between.

Not that I was expecting much of a story but the plot of this film is very weak. It feels as if they have come up with some good jokes and the funniest thread they could tie them together with is of a Dictator losing his beard in New York. The weak plot follows the General Admiral attempting to outdo his Uncle who has replaced him with a double in order to manipulate the country into how he wants it to be. It is difficult to follow the hero who is a Dictator attempting to do the wrong thing, it is a good job this film is taken with a pinch of salt then.

The love angle of the film is rather pointless and the set up is obvious from the get go. Anna Faris role isn't particularly big and she is a passenger on Sacha Baron Cohen's train. The film is all about him really. All the jokes evolve around him and due to them being scripted this time they don't have the same impact as what Borat or Bruno did. There are moments you will continue to quote but don't expect to be too shocked by it all. It is offensive but not as out there as the previous outings.

The film is average, and other comedies already released this year are much better. Borat is a much better comedy and on initial viewing Bruno is funnier due to the shock value of it, although over time I think The Dictator will surpass it on the comedy stakes. Baron Cohen has given himself a lot to live up to and despite The Dictator having some good laughs it doesn't reach up to his usual standard.

Pros: Some very funny moments.

Cons: Those moments don't happen often enough.

5 / 10

Top 10 films of 2012 so far:

1. The Hunger Games     8 / 10
2. Avengers Assemble     7.5 / 10
3. 21 Jump Street     7.5 / 10
4. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol     7 / 10
5. The Grey     7 / 10
6. American Reunion     6 / 10
7. Safe House     6 / 10
8. The Raven     6 / 10
9. Contraband     6 / 10
10. The Cabin In The Woods     5.5 / 10

Friday, May 18, 2012

In Cinemas This Weekend: Far East Dictator loses his beard.

2 films are released on the mainstream circuit this weekend, and 1 of them has a lot to live up to. We have a martial arts fighting film, directed by a Welsh man, and the next Sacha Baron Cohen comedy, which needs to attempt to top some of Cohen's previous brilliant work. There is something this weekend for comedy fans and martial arts fans so take a look at them below and see what you would prefer.

1. Sacha Baron Cohen's new film is called THE DICTATOR in which he plays a dictator. His name is Prince Aladeen and he is determined that democracy does not enrol in the country he loves. In order to do this he travels to New York where he is attacked by corrupt cops who strip him of his beard and leave him roaming the street, until a lovely young girl decides to take him in. Also starring: Anna Faris, John C. Reilly & Ben Kingsley. Will this top Borat?

2. The second film has already been slated as one of the most violent movies of all time. It is directed by Welshman Gareth Evans and follows a young SWAT officer who is sent into a 30 storey building with his team in order to arrest a drug lord, however he has his own plans in mind and the SWAT team become stuck in the building with many violent people. The trailer alone is violent. Starring: Iko Uwais, Ananda George, Ray Sahetapy & Donny Alamsyah. Want to see some ass-kicking?

There are you 2 for the weekend, both of which are intriguing in every way. Check back in on Monday to see what we went to see and I'll let you know what I thought.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

NEWS - Anchorman 2 and Skyfall teaser posters

Much news has been popping up this week, Prometheus has released more clips before its 1st June UK release date and talk on future Avenger's movies, but one topic managed to bring two films together, both films which will draw attention from some serious die hard fans.

What we have are two teaser posters for the new James Bond film Skyfall and for the sequel to Will Ferrell's biggest smash hit Anchorman 2. Have a look at the posters below, both have me licking my lips and both have a high expectation to live up to. Do these posters allow for any possible spoilers?

So what do you think of these two posters? Neither seem to reveal too much but both give fans what they want. Both highlight iconic clothing and, in James Bond's case, an iconic image. Much to look forward too then with these two. 

Skyfall hits screens in October 2012 and Anchorman 2 will be released in 2013.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

QUESTION: What is the best Burton/ Depp film?

In keeping with the recent release of another Tim Burton and Johnny Depp film, Dark Shadows, I want to ask you which film you think is their best. They have made 8 together, including Dark Shadows and the animated Corpse Bride which I haven't added into the choices, which is one of the most seen collaborations in the industry. Usually these two names bring in huge amounts of pundits but lately the pair have come slightly off the ball, which is a shame as they are both great at what they do. Anyway let us know in the comments below which is the best Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp film? There are 5 choices below (I have not added Ed Wood as I haven't seen it but if you feel it is the best let us know) .

1. ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Based on the classic tale, Depp plays the Mad Hatter in a new vision on Wonderland (here known as Underland) that only Tim Burton could create. The film scored big at the box office but not so well with the critics.

2. CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY - Yet another take on a classic tale. This time Burton sticks closer to the original, with Depp's Willy Wonka as obscure as Gene Wilder's. Yet another film that scored big at the box office. This one also starred Helena Bonham Carter who is also known to collaborate with the pair.

3. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS - The pair's first collaboration together, and Depp's breakthrough role. He plays a human created by a professor who dies shortly before finishing him, leaving him with sharp blades instead of hands. Depp plays a creature with hidden secrets to perfection as he tries to indulge in society.

4. SLEEPY HOLLOW - A story of a headless horseman who Depp's Icahbod Crane is sent to investigate. The horseman is known for decapitating his victims and Crane must stop him before it's too late. The film is dark and moody and is very typical of Burton's Gothic style.

5. SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET - Another retelling of Sweeney Todd. This is the film version of the musical which sees Depp singing his way through as the lead role. The musical aspect mixed with the dark story works really well and despite Depp's average attempt at singing, his acting is very good. Burton's bright colours on Gothic backgrounds also allow this film to flourish.

There you have 5 of their films to choose from. Let us know which you think is best.