Wednesday, March 7, 2012

QUESTION: What is the most anticipated sequel?

Many sequels are out there being made right now. Whether they are in pre-production, production or post. Some are scheduled for later on this year and others are slated to be released in 2013. Others are actually due to his our screens in the next couple of months. Remakes, prequels and reboots are swarming the screens at the minute but what about the sequels? What do you think is the most anticipated? Here are five to look at but are there more?

1. AMERICAN REUNION - The gang are back from the original American Pie. The film stemmed two fairly successful sequels but also a few dreadful spin offs. However here we have the old gang back for a reunion and attempt to show how much they have grown up. Or have they?

2. MEN IN BLACK 3 - After a disappointing second installment Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back as Agent J and K. This time K is assassinated so J has to go back in time to prevent this from happening, where he meets a younger grumpier K in Josh Brolin.

3. STAR TREK 2 - Currently in production with many pictures and videos being released online. As of yet the story is unconfirmed but it does bring back the stars from the first film and Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain. Watch this space.

4. TAKEN 2 - As of yet this one hasn't got a title and not much has been  mentioned, however it does involve Liam Neeson who will be kidnapped, along with his wife, by a man whose son he killed in the original movie. The villain will be played by Snatch's Rade Serbedzija.

5. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Possibly the most anticipated movie of the year, to me, is Christopher Nolan's end to his Batman Legacy. This time Batman is put to the test against a physical Bane, played by Tom Hardy, and a capitalist Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway. If you could queue now I would.

Any there that you are most looking forward to? Or any others that you feel will work better than these? Not all films are deserving of sequels, so let's hope all these aren't giant failures.


  1. It has to be The Dark Knight Rises. With the exception of Star Trek 2 we could probably live without the other sequels although I am looking forward to see Jermaine from Flight of the Conchords in MIB3.

  2. I agree Paul. Seems a bit unneeded, especially Taken 2, but hopefully they prove us wrong and each one blows us out the water. To be fair I'll probably still see them all.